Healthy way to replace conventional bread

Healthy way to replace conventional bread

In many homes, bread is an essential component of breakfast and dinner. By giving up on it, we wonder what to replace bread and whether crispbread is healthy? In this article, we dispel these doubts.

In many homes, bread is an essential component of breakfast and dinner. When deciding to give up the popular wheat bread or limit the consumption of fresh bun from the bakery around the corner, we usually think about how to replace them so that the diet does not become: problematic, expensive, time-consuming and deficient for our body.
A sandwich is a quick snack that can fit a really large portion of vegetables, and the preparation of which does not take more than 10 minutes. It is for this reason that fans of sandwich mornings have started looking for alternatives on which to arrange their favorite toppings. One of them is crispbread, which is a great base for all types of pastes, cheeses, meats and vegetables. Is crispbread healthy and is it really worth choosing? Today we will dispel all your doubts.

How to replace bread in your diet?

As we mentioned in the introduction, many people cannot imagine a meal without bread. Warm, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. It tastes best with cold butter, raspberry tomato and salt. It is a perfect combination with homemade strawberry jam or chocolate cream and fresh milk. Unfortunately, the bread that we can buy in stores today is nothing like the one that grandma pulled out of the oven years ago, so our ideas about it must be dismissed. Well, okay, since in such a system it is not worth reaching for wrapped rolls and air-inflated bread, what to eat instead? Which crispbread is the healthiest?

Crispbread – healthier, because certain!

Food allergies, all kinds of intolerances, as well as deliberate exclusion of various types of nutrients from the menu for purely individual reasons are absolutely normal nowadays. We slowly grow up to the fact that the diet is to be adapted to us, not us to the diet, and refusing to eat a prepared dessert because, for example, it contains lactose, which our body does not like, is no longer a problem. More and more people are aware of the existence of some problems with the digestive system. Unfortunately, we still rarely see the full composition of traditional bread that we buy in a small shop or bakery. Sellers who have not been involved in production are often unable to present it to us. This is uncomfortable for the consumer who has no idea what he is actually putting in his mouth. Quite the opposite is the case with crispbread, which is characterized by a certain composition, confirmed by information on the packaging, and a nutritional table on it.

Which crispbread is the healthiest?

The crispbread is made from similar ingredients as its traditional version. The basic ingredient is wholemeal flours. Their type and composition depend on the selected bread option. It should be noted that each type of crispbread available in Galicia's offer, apart from the fact that it is made on the basis of high-quality raw materials and many years of industry experience, can also boast a high content of dietary fiber, which improves the functioning of the intestines. Additionally, you can store this type of food much longer than regular bread, without fear of spoilage. It has definitely less moisture than traditional bread. Long freshness is a great advantage of crispbread, which our brand bakes according to traditional recipes, out of love and passion, trying to maintain a balance between the best taste and nutritional values. Our offer includes various types of crispbread:


Which crispbread are the best choice while on a diet?

Each, because it is not the product itself that makes you fat, but its excessive amount and how your diet is composed. A properly balanced menu, which will provide you with about 100 kcal less than your caloric requirement, will surely make you healthy and slowly lose unnecessary kilograms. Of course, diet isn't everything. Physical activity is equally important and you should not forget it, even if you are not a fan of jogging or heavy lifting. A daily walk, yoga or Pilates will help you keep a slim and strong body.

Only moderation is healthy

Moderation is the key to health and success in weight loss. Excessive eating of a healthy product is neither wise nor good for our body, and it certainly does not mean that by eating it, we will certainly lose weight. Unfortunately, the opposite may be the case, and we often fall into this trap. The simplest example of such behavior is eating nuts, e.g. cashews, which are full of nutrients, improve memory and concentration. When eating them, we completely forget that their 200-gram package has as much as 1,200 kcal. This is about of the daily caloric requirement of a non-exercising person. A lot, right? The same is true of crispbread and calories. It is a great alternative for people who are going on a diet. If you replace two slices of standard, air-blown wheat bread with two slices of compact, full-fiber Galicia crispbread, you will certainly eat more. However, if you eat them uncontrollably, with the thought “slimming” in your head, you will fall into the trap and instead of losing weight, you will gain weight. When you eat the right amount of crispbread with well-composed additives, you should not be afraid of weight gain or hunger.

Crunch for your health!

Summarizing and answering the question posed in the introduction, whether crispbread is healthy, we answer – YES. The one that you will find in our brand's offer is an extremely valuable source of high-quality flours - carbohydrates, but also healthy fats, protein and fiber. It owes its properties and unique taste to the best ingredients combined with it. So what? Crunch for your health!