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Private label

Individual needs

The offer of Piekarnia Galicyjska in the field of private labels is comprehensive - we respond to individual needs and specific requirements of customers regarding the product, packaging and delivery. We provide design consulting and substantive support for the client at every stage of the contract.

Our team has many years of experience, necessary knowledge and openness to changes, which in turn gives our clients unique solutions. We try to create a niche in which we work through innovative projects and recipes.

Brands dedicated to individual clients are an area in which we have achieved a high level of specialization. By using the Private Label offer, our partners receive the product of proven quality and comprehensive service.

Realizing together with us private label projects, our clients benefit from a wide range of possibilities. We are open to our customers ideas - we develop custom-made products and ensure their successful implementation.Products tailored to the individual needs of customers we also provide proper packaging.

We offer a wide range of collective packaging, both tray and cardboard boxes - in many capacitive configurations and responding to individual customer needs.

We create individual projects for our clients according to the presented needs. A Danish seaweed producer and distributor, where seaweed products are very popular, has decided to expand his portfolio with bread with this type of addition.
The recipe takes into account the ingredients preferred by the Danish market. A series of mutually consulted trials led to the creation of a product that meets the expectations of both - the producer and the recipient and will provide premium quality to the Danish individual customer.
Mutual cooperation resulted in the creation of the attached product.