Quality policy


A well-organized company that wants to exist and be successful on the market must be competitive and have clearly defined strategic goals: safety, authenticity and quality of products.

Aware of these objectives, we are looking to ensure that our bakery and confectionery products are of sufficient freshness
and the highest nutritional value, meet customer requirements
while meet expectations for food safety.

We are working with suppliers of raw materials and packaging who confirm the careful selection, security and authenticity of the raw materials and packaging materials to be supplied to our company. The reliability of suppliers is constantly monitored and controlled by us.

Technological processes are realized on the basis of a supervised HACCP system and monitored continuously the quality standards of IFS and BRC.


Bakery employees know and identify with this Quality Policy and they consciously undertake and implement all activities guaranteeing the appropriate quality of workmanship and achieving health safety of our products.


All employees take part in systematic internal training and constantly improve their qualifications. In-depth internal controls supported by cooperation with accredited external laboratories allow us to create a safe environment for production, both in terms of microbiology and physicochemical, as well as in terms of allergenic safety.

The effectiveness of our actions and efforts ensuring the highest possible safety we verify in systematic internal and external audits and inspections.

In our Quality Policy, we also notice how important is our duty to the surrounding society and the natural environment. We treat our obligations towards the environment seriously, as a mission towards every customer who tastes our products. Continuous improvement of the awareness of all employees allows us to build the trust of domestic customers as well as foreign and expand interest in our products to new sales markets.