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Passion is a guarantee of taste

As a food producer, we strive to maintain the balance of taste and nutritional values, ??that give the most benefits to the consumer.

Creating recipes for new products, we always give "more" the best values ??that we owe to the combination of raw materials and our industry experience.

We are a craft bakery. We started with the production of fresh bread and passion led us to create crispbread and snacks based on natural sourdough.

Over the years, we have automated processes that are intended to facilitate the work of bakers and confectioners. Modern devices allow precise dosing of ingredients,
which has a significant impact on quality and repeatability. However, we still rely on old, proven recipes that we adhere to this day.

All processes are supervised by the Baking Master and permanent qualified staff.

Our creation code

It's always more:
  • Wholemeal flour. We try to keep the highest percentage of this ingredient in every recipe, while maintaining the functionality of the product.
  • Our own artisanal sourdough, which we derive on selected strains of bacterial cultures. Leaven recovery takes about 24 hours.
    Then we multiply it for production purposes.
  • High quality oilseeds.
  • Olve oil.
  • Careful artisanal technology when we are making dough and shaping products.
  • Long fermentation of the product before baking - giving structure, aroma and flavor of the products.
  • Crafts in the product.
  • Team spirit, because a complex manufacturing process requires diligence from a large number of people. Each of us has an impact
    for the quality that goes to you.

The result of our team's work are high-quality craft products: crispbread, snacks and cereal bars

I founded the Galician Bakery on 3 of July 1993
Chairman of the Board - Bakery Master