Quality of life

Healthy products

The food we eat and its quality transforms directly into our temporary and long-term well-being as well as health effects. Proper selection of a diet in terms of quality and quantity actively supports us in the realization of life passions gives you more energy to what everyone devotes their time to.

We act, think, breathe, move in different ways - our blood circulates all the time. The best and cleanest energy is needed for action. It is provided by carbohydrates contained in bakery products. However, it should be remembered, that the more whole-grain flour in the product, the better this energy works on humans.

The more flour from full milling, the lower the glycemic index of the product. Let's look for it!


The products to which we use whole grain flours usually bear the following nutritional claims: high fiber content and protein source. And because the whole grain goes into the product, they also contain micronutrients.

Make sure you have the right protein content, which will allow the inflow of fresh energy and the reconstruction and growth of muscle tissue.


Get more bioavailability of micronutrients contained in wholemeal flours consuming sourdough bread.


Lactic fermentation in baker's acid neutralizes phytic acid contained in flour, which in non-acidified flour products binds in the gastrointestinal tract with iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium - this is how insoluble inaccessible salts are formed for the body.

Get yourself EFA - fat, protein, microelements from unprocessed chia grains, linseed, sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, which have a low glycemic index.


To achieve QUALITY OF LIFE, which you are seeking - don't forget about a good energy source. Direction is one - more full milling flour, more sourdough and more oilseeds.


Secure yourself a better QUALITY OF LIFE.