Why is it worth including sourdough bread in your diet?

Why is it worth including sourdough bread in your diet?

The offers of grocery stores and bakeries include various types of crisp bread. Why is it worth choosing sourdough bread among other crispy products available on the shelves? We rush to explain!

What is sourdough?

A leaven is a mixture of flour (usually rye or wheat) and water, containing the multiplied lactobacilli (Lactobacillus). As time goes by, the leaven ferments. It is worth noting that it takes a long time to develop a real sourdough. Sourdough fermentation is a long process and requires patience. Many companies give up using it when baking their products, just to shorten the time and speed up production.

The leaven used to bake bread makes it:

  • the dough for crispbread is plump and more risen,
  • the bread is naturally preserved,
  • the micronutrients found in flour, grains and cereals are better absorbed,
  • bacteria contained in lactic acid neutralize the effects of nitrates, nitrites and mold toxins that are harmful to our body.

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What is the difference between sourdough bread and bread without leaven?

Unbaked sourdough bread is usually made with yeast. We are dealing then with alcoholic fermentation, not lactic acid fermentation. The taste of such bread is completely different. In the case of sourdough bread - in our subjective opinion - impossible to counterfeit. It is deep and clear, and the bread itself is more compact, as if moist inside, and at the same time perfectly crispy on the outside. Sourdough bread is better preserved, it spoils much slower - it stays fresh longer.

Why is it worth choosing sourdough bread?


  • Sourdough bread is more filling and makes us fill up faster. It is recommended to eat it on reducing diets. One or two slices of such bread with additives will make you full. If you eat classic wheat bread without sourdough, you would need to eat at least 4 sandwiches to fill you up.
  • It has a lower glycemic index than traditional white bread and has a better effect on the functioning of our digestive system. Due to the presence of lactic acid in bread, the starch it contains is digested more slowly. Additionally, it supports the reconstruction of damaged bacterial flora in the digestive tract. If you have stomach problems - choose sourdough products.
  • It has greater antioxidant properties than yeast-baked bread. During the fermentation of cereals, bioactive peptides with antioxidant properties are produced.
  • The presence of lactic acid bacteria in the bread you consume makes the elements such as zinc, iron and magnesium absorbed into your body much better.
  • There is more folate in sourdough bread, the synthetic form of which is folic acid (its consumption is recommended for pregnant women planning pregnancy). If you think about children, replace the usual bread with sourdough bread.
  • Sourdough bread is the perfect choice for all those struggling with too high cholesterol. Thanks to the content of beta-glucans, it is able to realistically lower its level.

In conclusion, if we analyze all the health benefits of sourdough bread, and add that its taste is phenomenal, there is probably no one among us who would not like to try it. If you have never had the opportunity to taste this type of bread before - it's high time to change it! Be sure to see our offer of sourdough crispbread - CLICK HERE!