Crispbread on a diet - eat it or not?

Crispbread on a diet - eat it or not?

Are you on a slimming diet and you wonder what bread you can eat to reduce your weight? Be sure to read on!

Have you made or made a decision that you are going on a reduction diet? Are you fed up with unnecessary kilograms and too tight pants irritate every time you look in the mirror? All your friends give you 'good' dietary advice, and you don't know who to listen to? Eat after six, don't eat after five, eliminate sugar, eat or don't eat fruit - have you heard them? You can really go crazy from these tips. Today, we come to you with an explanation of a key issue that has certainly already reached you. 'You are on a diet? Do not eat bread, crispy bread on a diet is an obligation! ”. Are you sure? How is it with this crispbread on your diet? If you are curious, be sure to keep reading!

What bread on the diet?

Crispbread is a popular substitute, considered a great alternative to traditional bread. The high amount of fiber found in crispbread and, as many people mistakenly believe that it is low in calories, is the reason why people choose to eat crispbread on a diet. Meanwhile, what may surprise you, crispbread has no fewer calories than regular bread. In 100 grams of crispy Galicia products you will find about 350 - 400 kcal. Meanwhile, 100 grams of sourdough rye bread will have nearly 230 kcal. Of course, one slice of crispbread will weigh less than one slice of traditional bread, so if we decide to replace them 1: 1 - we will actually provide fewer calories and ultimately the caloric balance will be more beneficial for us. Unfortunately, people on a diet often forget about it, and in line with the statement that crispbread on a diet "loses weight" - they eat it without restrictions.

Normally, before switching to reduction, they would eat two sandwiches for breakfast, after switching to a diet they would eat six (but on "slimming" bread in their opinion). Remember that in addition to the base itself, which is crispbread, the number of additives that we put on them increases in direct proportion to the number of sandwiches. Finally, replacing 1 sandwich with 3 made on Chrupak bread - will provide you with much more calories.

So, should you eat crispbread on a slimming diet?

Definitely yes. Galicia crispbread is worth eating on a diet - slimming and not only. If we consume only the portion preferred by the manufacturer on the package, and not the entire package, we do not have to worry about weight gain. Such bread has many ingredients that are valuable to our body. It is baked on a natural leaven, from the best high-extract flours. In addition, you will find delicious and healthy additives, such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseed.

Advantages of crispbread in the diet

Including crispbread in our diet has its benefits. First of all, as there is no water in its composition, and grains and high-quality flours are used for baking: wheat graham, wholemeal rye, spelled wholemeal, crispbread may have more dietary fiber and B vitamins. Galicia crisps make them usable for longer and less susceptible to microbial growth than traditional bread. Of course, it is impossible not to mention such advantages as the unique taste and extraordinary tenderness, which is an interesting change from classic sandwiches.

So, is it possible to eat crispbread on a diet?

Yes! Diet crispbread is a good idea. Of course, interchangeable with traditional bread, because neither of them makes you fat or lose weight. If we eat the right amount of one or the other and instead of overeating like the proverbial farts, we simply satisfy our hunger, we do not have to worry about gaining weight.

You can read more about what to replace bread and whether crisp bread is healthy in the next blog post that will appear soon.