Wholemeal flours - why choose bread that has them in its composition?

Wholemeal flours - why choose bread that has them in its composition?

Why is it worth eating bread baked with high-quality, whole-grain flours? Check!

Flour is a food product that is included in virtually every kitchen. This is a kind of pantry classic and a lifebuoy for all the ladies of the house. Even when the refrigerator is empty, you can prepare pancakes from it. However, it is worth remembering that when eating our favorite pizza, beloved pasta, and also crispy bread, we also eat flour, because it is made of it. Why, when choosing such products as pasta or bread, it is better to choose those made of whole grain flour? We explain!

Traditional, white, wheat flour rules in every kitchen and pantry, because many people are still not fully aware of the fact that much more interesting and healthier counterparts of this product are waiting for us on store shelves. Choosing better, whole grain flour when shopping is very important, because we eat a lot of flour products every day, such as dumplings, potato pancakes, cakes and others. So if, while walking around the supermarket, we see that it offers us a wider and wider range of whole grain flours - why not take advantage of it?

Wholemeal flour, which is what?

There are two main types of whole wheat flour. These are:

  • whole grain wheat flour,
  • wholemeal rye flour.

The first one can also be found in stores under the name - wholemeal flour.

Grinding wholemeal flour is the process of grinding whole grains, which means that grain elements such as husks, kernels and sprout are also ground. The ground grains are not cleaned beforehand, which is why this flour has a lot of bran in it.

Whole grain flours in our diet are a great source of fiber and minerals valuable for our body, including phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and iron. The fiber they contain not only supports the work of our intestines, but also regulates the proper functioning of the digestive system, with which so many people today have problems (even caused by stress).

Mąki pełnoziarniste Galicia

How to use such flour?

If you are wondering how to use whole grain flours in your kitchen - we answer. You can successfully make buns, pancakes and pizza from them. If you like the taste of white flour - we recommend you mix wheat flour with wholemeal flour in proportions that suit you. For people with less culinary talent, the so-called 'Gotowce' containing wholemeal flours. These are, for example, ready-made pasta or Galicia crispbread. Yes! We were right! Our bread is baked on the basis of the best quality wholegrain flour with high ash content. In Galicia bread you will find:

  • whole grain wheat flour,
  • spelled whole grain flours,
  • whole grain barley flours,
  • whole grain oat flour,
  • and other.

How is whole wheat flour different from traditional white flour?

At the beginning, it is worth noting that the classic, white flour has a lot of starch in it, which is not necessarily good for our body, because it has a tendency to swell, as evidenced by the fact that it is used for the production of glue. Wheat flour mixed with water forms a kind of "glue" inside our stomach, which hinders the digestive process. If you are having problems at this level, be sure to consider whether you are consuming too much white flour. The situation is completely different with whole grain flours, which are an amazing source of fiber so valuable to us. Do you care about the lines? Are you reducing? This is great news for you! Fiber makes the absorption of sugar slower and the metabolism faster. Moreover, whole grain flour has fewer calories than commercial, low-quality white flour. The first one has about 348 kcal and the second one is 362 kcal / 100 g of product.

Whole grain flour and its effect on the health of our body

Now that we know that whole grain flour is a valuable source of minerals, let's answer the question how these minerals affect the functioning and health of our body.

  • Phosphorus is the building block of our muscles and brain. It is thanks to him that our kidneys and hearts work properly.
  • Magnesium is an element that regulates enzymatic processes in the body and is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.
  • Iron, a component of hemoglobin, is responsible for the transport of oxygen in our blood. Iron deficiency (anemia) makes us tired, lethargic, irritable and causes a headache.
  • Zinc contained in whole grain flours strengthens hair and nails, and also improves our fertility. Are you planning a pregnancy? Buy whole grains.

Losing weight? Choose whole grain flours!

Do you want to lose a few kilos and, although you love bread and pasta, you still give up on them? This is a mistake! Go for wholemeal bread, that is, it is made of wholemeal flour. It will be lighter, healthier and just as tasty. Thanks to it, you will not have to or will have to give up your favorite sandwiches for dinner. Remember! Everything is for people - of course, in the right amount. Reduce the portion and eat what you like!

In conclusion, if you have a choice while in the store - whole wheat or white bread - choose the latter. It is just as tasty, and even tastier, and better for your health and body shape.

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