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Classic Crispbread

Classic Crispbread

At the beginning of the new year, we refreshed the crispbread labels in the Classic line.

New, brighter graphic design highlights the product, shows its color qualities and variety of grains and also graphically corresponds to the current trends - it is light, colorful and memorable. 

Additionally, we decided to mark the products with two labels, thanks to which the ingredients and the nutritional table are very readable for the consumer.


With the introduction of the new graphic version of the products, we created the fourth product in the line – Crispbread 5 Grains. 

5 Grains Crispbread is a product rich in wheat, rye, spelt, barley and oats, with the sprinkle of white and black sesame seeds. 

It is a perfect complement to the three previous ones: 3 Seeds, Pumpkin & Cheese, Spelt & Sunflower and a great alternative for people with an active lifestyle as a supplement to the daily diet – for you for better quality of life.